Science & Technology

World-renowned for their innovative approach to contemporary issues in fields like psychology, sustainability, and alternative energy, our Science & Technology speakers deliver lectures to various special-interest groups, including hospitals and museums. They are inspiring lecturers on the ground breaking discoveries and scientific theories that have changed the world we live in.

Dr. Daniel Amen

Physician, psychiatrist, teacher, and New York Times bestselling author

Dr. Nicole Avena

Acclaimed neuroscientist and an expert on nutrition, diet, and food addiction

Louann Brizendine, M.D.

Practicing clinician, New York Times bestselling author, and media commentator

Pauline Chen, M.D.

New York Times columnist and physician, author of Final Exam

Gwyneth Cravens

Science writer and environmentalist, author of The Power to Save the World

Charles Duhigg

Award-winning journalist and media commentator

Dr. Sheri Fink

Pulitzer Prize-winning medical journalist and author of Five Days at Memorial, M.D. and Ph.D. from Stanford

Michael Greenberg

Bestselling author and First Year Experience favorite

Kristen Iversen

Award-winning author and MFA program director at University of Memphis

George Johnson

Award-winning science journalist, author of The Cancer Chronicles

Dr. Vincent Lam

Author of The Headmaster's Wager, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, and emergency room physician

Bjørn Lomborg

Professor, statistician and author of Cool It

Jayson Lusk

Food and agricultural economist, author of The Food Police

Brad Matsen

Author of Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King and New York Times Bestseller Titanic's Last Secrets

Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

New York Times bestselling authors of THE TOOLS: Transform Your Problems Into Courage, Confidence and Creativity

Dr. Judith Orloff

An international speaker on intuition, health, and wellness.

Lisa Sanders, M.D.

Assistant clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine and clinician educator in Yale's Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency program

Neil Shubin

Evolutionary biologist and discoverer of the "Missing Link." Author of Your Inner Fish and The Universe Within.

David Allen Sibley

The world's leading authority on birds and birding

Jim Sterba

Award-winning journalist for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, author of Nature Wars

Tom Vanderbilt

Journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Traffic

Shankar Vedantam

Prize-winning writer on the link between science and human behavior

Dr. James D. Watson

Nobel Prize-Winning scientist who Discovered, along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins, the structure of DNA

Richard Wiseman

Psychologist, bestselling author and "Rapid Change" expert

Carl Zimmer

New York Times columnist and science author