Lectures & Speaking Topics

How I Came to Write Life of Pi
Yann Martel discusses the events in his life that lead him to write the celebrated novel.
Beatrice and Virgil, or How and Why We Tell Stories About the Holocaust
In this lecture Yann Martel talks about the Holocaust and its representations, that is, the terms we use and the stories we tell about the key tragedy of the 20th century.
Reading, Who Cares?
For just under four years, Yann Martel sent a novel every two weeks to the Prime Minister of Canada, a man notoriously deaf to the siren call of the arts. In this lecture Martel discusses why he took this course of action and why he thinks it matters if our leaders never read novels, poems or plays.
Why Fiction Matters
Yann Martel discusses the importance of imagining stories in conducting a good real life.

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