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There's a Place for Us
In this lecture, Wade will discuss how he was bullied for being gay in rural America and then battled sexual discrimination in the workplace, how he used humor as uniter and defense mechanism to overcome those odds, and why – based on his nearly two decades of experience in university, college and prep school administration – bullying and discrimination continues and what must be done to stop it. (Wade also lectures on how to achieve diversity in student bodies, administration, faculty and boards.)
Fear Factor
Americans – writers, especially – are defined by their fears today, rather than their passion. Wade will discuss how to “fuggetabout fear” and turn it into “Free Every Artistic Response”, and how you can change your life, pursue your passion, and write what calls to you.
The Three H's
In this lecture, Wade will discuss how “The Three H’s” – humor, heart and honesty – are the keys to memoir writing (and life), and how the art of writing funny and poignant (combining the lyrical punchline and the heartrending moment) can be achieved via the H’s.
Fat Boys Shouldn't Wear Ascots
Wade will discuss – with humor and sensitivity, and by sharing insight and exercise/lifestyle/eating tips – how he lost over 100 pounds and has maintained his weight loss for nearly two decades by connecting the physical to the spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional.

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