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Leadership: A relationship between those who inspire and those who act
How do we accomplish extraordinary things as leaders? Spaulding illustrates how to build relationship capital throughout your organization so internal teams maximize their potential and external constituencies and stakeholders share your vision. Spaulding also explores groundbreaking leadership techniques such as building "Fifth Floor Teams," and leveraging the "Laws of Influence and Elevation. "
Customer sales and service: What does it mean to focus on Return on Relationships instead of Return on Investment.
It' s impossible to build a successful client base in a silo. In other words, relationships are not optional. Though economists talk only of Return on Investment, or ROI, Spaulding argues that profit and relationships are interdependent. Return on Relationships, or ROR is the currency we should focus on rather than solely on ROI, because if we are truly focusing on relationships, the bottom-line goals come more easily. Spaulding shares his secrets behind the notion of Return on Relationships, or ROR, leaving audiences ready to revolutionize their old methods and reach new heights in customer stability and loyalty.
Team building: Improve employee morale, reduce turnover, and mobilize your teams
Unengaged employees cost companies and organizations billions of dollars. Research tells us that employees who don't have relationships on the job will negatively affect the bottom line. If we are to build sustainable organizations in a modern economy, we must differentiate ourselves by building meaningful ties with and among employees. Spaulding demonstrates a helpful "first through fifth-floor" analogy for evaluating your business relationships and has audiences looking at their workplace with a different lens—a lens that sheds new light on how to mobilize their colleagues and inspire shared success.
Individual excellence and empowerment: Elevate yourself and others around you by transforming your approach with people Request a custom keynote address drawing on specific aspects of your company and employees.
Spaulding provides real examples and strategies for elevating your current personal and business relationships and how to launch new ones in the spirit of giving rather than taking. In this keynote, Spaulding explores the nine essential traits that empower audiences to reach their full potential through a bold approach called "netgiving." Netgiving is about intentionally making business personal and, as a result, facilitating personal performance and realization of goals.

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