About Richard Wolffe

Richard Wolffe is an award-winning journalist and political analyst for MSNBC television. He covered the entire length of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign for Newsweek magazine, traveling with the candidate and his inner circle from his announcement through election day, twenty-one months later. Wolffe is the author of Renegade: The Making of a President.

Wolffe appears frequently on MSNBC. On NBC, he has been featured as a political commentator on Meet the Press and Today. Prior to his exclusive contract with NBC, he appeared on CNN and Fox News, as well as international media including British, Canadian, and Australian television.

He featured prominently in the HBO documentary on the Obama campaign, By the People, and played a leading role in the HBO documentary of the 2000 Bush campaign, Journeys with George.

As Newsweek’s senior White House correspondent, his cover stories included “What He Believes” (on Obama’s faith), “Black & White” (about Obama and racial politics), “Bush in the Bubble” (about the president after Hurricane Katrina), and “Weight of the World” (the behind-the-scenes story of how Bush handled the Lebanon war).

Wolffe joined Newsweek in November 2002 as diplomatic correspondent, covering foreign policy and international affairs. In the 2004 presidential election, he covered the chaotic Howard Dean campaign before switching to John Kerry.

Before Newsweek, Wolffe was a senior journalist at the Financial Times, serving as its deputy bureau chief and U.S. diplomatic correspondent in Washington, D.C. In that capacity, he managed coverage of business and political affairs in the nation’s capital, and reported on U.S. foreign policy at the State Department and National Security Council.

Praise for Renegade: The Making of a President:

“The first of the President Obama books–and a good one–insightful, thorough, and straight.”
—Ben Bradlee, Washington Post“If you really want to know what happened inside the Obama campaign, this is the one book that will take you there. My jaw dropped time and time again reading details that, despite the coverage, were never revealed in the long campaign. A clear-eyed, up-close look at the campaign, Renegade is the one Obama book that should not be missed.”
—Michele Norris, All Things Considered