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Global Souls: The Honorary Citizens of the 21st Century
So many of us now enjoy many different homes and selves, associated with our parents, our partners, the places we happen to be, the places we dream of. What fresh creative possibilities arise out of this state of fluidity—and what new problems? How has our sense of identity, community, and belonging changed with the age of movement? As someone of Indian ancestry, English birth and upbringing, American residence—and based in Japan for the past twenty years or so—Pico Iyer talks about the new generation that is creating a new kind of world, of human being and of exhilarating "mongrel" culture.
The Dalai Lama: Changing the World, One Heart at a Time
Drawing on almost 40 years of talks and travels with the XIVth Dalai Lama, bestselling biographer Pico Iyer offers an intimate and concrete look at the Tibetan leader's vision, his tough-minded realism, many things the world doesn’t know about him—and how his ideas and everyday practices may help all of us in the global order, even those of us (like Iyer) who are not Buddhist at all.
Why We Travel
One of the most prolific and seasoned travelers of our time—celebrated for his explorations of jet lag and LAX as well as of going just about everywhere, from North Korea to Easter Island, Bhutan to Ethiopia—Pico Iyer talks about the wonder of journeying at home and abroad, and the responsibilities each of them brings. How do we come back from a trip different from the person who set out? And how do we learn about our neighbors in the global village while also having fun and finding places in ourselves we never dreamed of?
Stillness and Movement in the Digital Age
After more than 20 years of staying in monasteries—and flying across the globe—Pico Iyer offers tips on how to keep one's sanity, and some sense of perspective, in our ever more frenetic age. How to make the most of our blinking machines—and yet find slowness, stillness, time to think? Learn more about what lies behind his highly popular New York Times columns on "The Joy of Less" and "The Joy of Quiet."
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