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The Chaos Imperative: How Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation, Effectiveness, and Success
Brafman reveals how even the best and most efficient organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to today's US Army, benefit from allowing a little unstructured space and disruption into their planning and decision making.
Click: The Magic of Instant Connections
In a lecture that combines psychology and sociology with an insightful understanding of human interactions, Brafman helps audiences to understand the magic behind those moments when we form an incredible connection with other people—moments that cause us to become fully engaged in whatever we are doing. He explores those peak moments in our lives when people or hobbies or activities fully engage our attention—when they "click" with us.
Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior
In this lively lecture, Brafman couples engaging stories with cutting-edge research from the fields of organizational behavior, social psychology, and behavioral economics in an investigation of the hidden influences that unconsciously skew our decision making.

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