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Thou Shalt… 10 Commandments of 21st Century Entrepreneurship
In this keynote, Nick Friedman will discuss his creative and exciting approach to entrepreneurship in the 21st century. His energetic and entertaining approach to business will teach you the 10 secrets to how he took a cargo van to a multi-million dollar empire. His lessons can be utilized and implemented by professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and business owners of all ages and backgrounds.
The Oprah Effect… How to Get Publicity for Your Company or Organization
In this keynote, Nick will tell you the secrets to how he was able to get his company on Oprah twice, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, INC Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Time Magazine, USA Today, US Weekly, Bravo, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Fox News, and many other major media outlets without the help of a PR Firm. You’ll learn the 5 secrets to getting publicity and media exposure in the mainstream that will catapult you and your organization into the spotlight.
Systemizing Your Business for the Long Haul, Including the Advantages of Franchising
In this keynote, Nick will tell you how he was able to turn a beat-up cargo van in a crowded blue-collar industry into a remarkable, award-winning national brand by building a world-class company culture, developing a memorable and attractive brand, and focusing on the customer. Learn how to apply these proven strategies in your organization and see your organization grow exponentially.
Additional Topics
• Building Staff and Client Loyalty
• The Makings of a 21st Century Entrepreneur
• Turning Ideas You're Passionate About Into a Profit
• Going Green with Junk Removal

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