Lectures & Speaking Topics

The Business Secrets of Walt Disney
If ever there was a business genius who violated everything they teach in business school, Walt Disney was it. In this lecture, Neal Gabler describes how Disney turned a one-person animation company into a worldwide empire by breaking all the rules.
The Art of Biography
In this entertaining and anecdote-filled lecture, Neal Gabler describes the biographical process, from selecting a subject and finding papers to hunting down interviewees and organizing material to writing the book itself.
The Making of the President 2012
Noted author and cultural commentator Neal Gabler surveys the 2012 presidential race by examining how the American people were electing not a commander-in-chief but a protagonist-in-chief to star in the national movie. This is an entirely different approach to American politics.
How the Jews Invented Hollywood
Neal Gabler, the author of the classic book, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, describes how a group of Eastern European Jewish immigrants founded and ran the industry that largely defined American values and images.