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This Is Babymouse!
Matthew Holm talks about how he became a children's book creator, how he and his sister, Jennifer, developed the award-winning graphic novel series Babymouse, and how they work on a book from start to finish.
What Is a Graphic Novel, and What's It Doing in My Classroom?
Babymouse co-creator Matthew Holm takes you through the history of comics and graphic novels and shows how they can help kids learn to read—and keep reading!
Fun Ways to Teach with Graphic Novels
Babymouse co-creator Matthew Holm shares hands-on activities you can use in the classroom or library to teach kids about graphic novels.
Graphic Novels Two Ways
In this nuts-and-bolts lecture for publishing professionals, author/Illustrator Matthew Holm takes you through the creative process that he and his sister, Jennifer L. Holm, used to create their two graphic novel series, Babymouse and Squish. Learn about how this team writes and lays out their comics for kids, and then see how the final art for the two series—each with a different look—comes together through different techniques and technology.
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