Praise for Markus Zusak

"The hundreds of people who had the joy of hearing Markus Zusak speak at our events got what they came for and so much more. Not only is he an eloquent, thoughtful and funny speaker whose talks about The Book Thief enriched the experience of reading that wonderful novel for each person in attendance, but he was so generous with his time meeting students, teachers and readers of all ages who had come from hours away just to hear him. It was an incredible delight to host him at the Chicago Public Library!"
Chicago Public Library, One Book, One Chicago
"Tampa Prep's experience with Markus was nothing short of magical, and I just wish I could phrase more eloquently how much his visit meant to our school community. We care deeply about our students and will forever be grateful for the sincere care and concern he showed them in hundreds of ways, large and small."
Tampa Preparatory School
"Never have I had the pleasure of hosting a more gracious, humble, and brilliant author at the Library. Markus embodies the life-affirming themes found in his novels and expends remarkable effort to interact with his readers personally. He will come to you a stranger and leave a very dear friend, and audiences will wonder, as his Liesel Meminger steals books, if Markus Zusak hasn't stolen just a bit of their hearts, too."
Provo Library