Lectures & Speaking Topics

The Aardvark Was My Warm-Up Act
Learn about Marc Brown, his journey to becoming an award-winning author- illustrator and the world that Arthur opened up for him in this engaging lecture, perfect for all ages.
Why Illustrations Matter
Just how important are those illustrations in a picture book? Marc Brown shows why illustrations matter in this interactive lecture that is perfect for art schools and students.
The Secrets to Getting Children to Love Reading
It is never too early to read to your children, and in this lecture, Marc Brown discusses the importance and value of reading at any age, a parent’s role in reading, and the value that picture books have in establishing new readers. Perfect for parents, educators, and all who have a love for reading.
Why Is Arthur on TV?
In this lecture, Marc discusses the road that Arthur took from book format to the screen, and how print and television mediums can be used together to further enhance the reading experience for young children. Perfect for all audiences.

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