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Team Building & Leadership
Lynne Cox draws upon her own experiences to teach how to reach beyond the individual and harness the strength of the team. Every success Lynne Cox has achieved required a dedicated team. Through her own example she shows how to select the perfect team and how to inspire, encourage the team to problem-solve, and how to combine strengths, and mental agility to achieve great goals.
Setting Goals
Lynne Cox’s success is based on achievements that others said were impossible. She discusses the ways to create goals, how to do the research, and ways to overcome, rethink, rework, and adapt to challenging situations and obstacles. She describes the hero's journey, and demonstrates how your company or group can achieve objectives in exciting new ways.
Sustaining Success
Lynne Cox’s life is an example of sustained success. At age 15 she first swam the English Channel and broke the men's and women's world records. By the time she was in her forties she swam in 32-degree water to the shores of Antarctica. She is still going strong. Lynne Cox explains how you can build upon your achievements and reach beyond your accomplishments. Lynne Cox believes that once success is attained, it is simply a stepping-stone to the next great adventure, as exemplified by her own life and that of the great polar explorers.

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