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My Life as a Woman
This talk begins with funny time capsule stories of growing up in Manhattan in the 1960s while wearing a uniform, tie shoes, and curtseying as the rest of the world was shedding its rules. And it quickly talks about how Birnbach's generation benefited from the women’s movement which had come of age by the time she arrived at college. Discussing women in corporate America, marriage and motherhood, Lisa takes us to Sex in the City, Oprah, and the Kardashians to Lean-In and beyond.
Eitquette for the 21st Century
These are brutal times for the well-mannered. Nice people have to put up with loud cell phone users, people who don’t write thank you notes, or even respond to printed invitations with RSVP engraved on them. Like the canon of literature, common manners have gone underground. Is it suddenly okay to wear a hoodie to a business meeting? No, Mark it is not. Is it proper to send a condolence note on Facebook? In this lecture, Birnbach discusses the shifting sands of correct behavior in the digital era.
Style as Communicator
In this lecture, Birnbach discusses the "language of style." Once only conversant in preppy attire, she's branched out to try speaking “Cocktail dress," “Festive attire," “Black Tie” and “casual” in many places around the globe.
Student Mother
Unlike some mothers, who know absolutely the right way to do every thing, and know the right experts to trust, Birnbach considers herself a rank beginner. With three children of her own, she continues to do experiments on them. Some of have worked well; some not so much. In this lecture, Birnbach acts as the confessor; the audience as the confessional.
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