Lectures & Speaking Topics

Fight for Your libraries as you do your freedom
A discussion of the vital importance libraries play in our local communities and our society as a whole. Slaughter’s talk will cover how her local library started her on her future career as a novelist and how disheartened she is to see the loss of services and cutbacks in hours—not to mention whole libraries—due to budget cuts. Library funding is a matter of national security.
Crime Writing as Social Commentary
A talk that explores the genesis of Slaughter’s crime novels and the importance of the crime genre as a means of exploring compelling contemporary issues, such as prejudices against those with disabilities, the shortcomings of the correctional and justice systems, and the double-bind many women face today, and the racial and class biases in America today.
The Legacy of Southern Writers
A discussion of the rich literary heritage of the South and the influences that have shaped Slaughter’s own work, including Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee.