Lectures & Speaking Topics

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans
Neufeld discusses his personal response to Hurricane Katrina, including his stint as a Red Cross volunteer, exploring flood-ravaged New Orleans, and the creative challenges behind the acclaimed graphic novel A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.
Comics and the Ever-Changing Media Landscape
In looking back over his career as a cartoonist, Neufeld explores such topics as the mainstream comics industry, mini-comics and self-publishing, webcomics, television, the graphic novel explosion, and the rise of digital media platforms.
Filtering Catastrophe Through Comics
Neufeld discusses the twin catastrophes of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, and how he used the comics form to explore the anguish, anger, and confusion surrounding those events.
Comics Journalism
With examples from his own work, Neufeld discusses the dynamic and growing field of comics journalism and how it can shed new light on current events.
The Art of Collaboration
A good collaboration is a conversation between artist and writer, each challenging the other. The back-and-forth of ideas, words, and images produces a result truly of two minds. In this lecture, Neufeld shows examples of his comics partnerships with such writers as Harvey Pekar, Brooke Gladstone, Rob Walker, and Nick Flynn.
Graphic Novels: At the Intersection of Writing and Art
As Scott McCloud said, "The art form—the medium—known as comics is a vessel which can hold any number of ideas and images." With examples from his own and others' work, Neufeld explores the dynamic realm of sequential art, and the ways that comics produce powerful moments of frisson between words and images.