Lectures & Speaking Topics

Food of the Jews in France
In this lecture, Joan shares her unique historical understanding of the long history of the Jews of France as well as colorful stories about cooking and eating with Jewish families in their homes as she prepared to write her most recent book, Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France.
Foods of the Holy Land
Since she first lived in Israel in the 1970's, Joan has loved Israeli food. In this lecture, she will introduce audiences to the history of cooking in the land of Israel as well as tell the human stories behind dishes both biblical and modern in Israel today and how they have changed over the years to reflect the current social, political, and environmental landscape.
Jewish Cooking in America
In this lecture, Joan walks us through the evolution of Jewish cooking in America and how it developed along with the country: how Jews affected American cooking and how American cooking affected the Jewish immigrants. Audiences will learn about such things as the first mechanized matzo machine, the introduction of canned pineapple to kugel, and the origin of the kosher delis, and why Crisco said that Jews had waited 4,000 years for their product.

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