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Athletes and Violence Against Women
Reports of college and pro athletes being arrested for crimes against women have become all too common. These complaints stem from unique aspects of the sports culture that generates a warped perception of women and increased opportunities to exploit them. Once arrested, however, athletes enjoy a safety net—respectable coaches, influential agents, top defense lawyers, and private investigators—that gives them distinct advantages in the criminal justice system, leading to a lower conviction rate.
Native American (Indian) Gaming
Jeff wrote the definitive book on the advent of Native American gaming in America and formed the nation’s first statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to opposing casino expansion. His efforts led to a landmark law in Connecticut banning the future construction of casinos on Native American reservations. He has also been a consultant to groups and municipalities in Maine, California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York in their efforts to limit casino gambling.
The true story of the deadly E. coli outbreak that changed the way Americans eat.
Public Heroes, Private Felons
Athletes and crimes against women.
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