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From The Ground Up: An Evening with Jeanne Nolan
An inspirational look at how author Jeanne Nolan’s life led to her becoming a leading voice in the sustainable food movement. From her upper middle class upbringing to her years spent living off the land on communal organic farms, to her decision to return home and start her own business, Nolan shares her story of self-discovery and the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.
Living What You Love: Ethical Entrepreneurship
Awarded Shape Magazine’s Green Living Award for businesses that make a difference, Jeanne Nolan’s company, The Organic Gardener Ltd., works with schools, non-profits and community groups to develop gardens that are beautiful, productive, and uniquely suited to their needs. Learn how she’s developed a profitable and award-winning business based on strong ties to her community, ethical entrepreneurship and dedicated activism to the organic movement.
Organic Vegetables From Your Own Backyard
Learn about the physical and mental health benefits of gardening and how to turn your backyard into an organic oasis. Nolan gives practical tips to gardeners of all abilities and discusses what to grow, when to plant, proper garden maintenance, fall harvesting and how to ensure that your vegetable garden flourishes all season long!

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