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Why We Get Fat: Adiposity 101 and the Alternative Hypothesis of Obesity
In this lecture, Gary Taubes explains why obesity is not caused -- as conventional wisdom has it -- by eating too much and exercising too little, but rather by the effect of the carbohydrates we consume on the hormones and enzymes that regulate our fat tissue.
The Case Against Sugar
Based on his April 2012 New York Times Magazine cover article, Gary Taubes discusses the history, politics and science of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and argues that these sweeteners may indeed be far more harmful to our health than public health authorities have been willing to accept.
The (Political) Science of Fat
In this lecture, Gary Taubes explains how politics, personalities and bad science led us to implicate dietary fat and particularly saturated fats as the cause of heart disease, when the experimental evidence consistently failed to support that belief and still doesn't.
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? A lecture about diet, health and the nature of science itself
Establishing reliable knowledge about human health is among the most difficult challenges in the world of science. In this lecture, Gary Taubes argues that medical researchers and public health authorities have made it harder still by straying from the scientific principles that have proven themselves time and again in the physical sciences.

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