Lectures & Speaking Topics

Food Addiction and Obesity
A lecture that describes how highly caloric and palatable foods hijack the reward system in the brain, which can result in excessive overeating and obesity that is resistant to traditional dieting. This lecture also suggests ways to avoid and recover from food addiction.
The Psychology of Healthy Eating
A lecture on the psychological principles (emotional, social, and cognitive) that underlie eating behavior, and how in our modern society psychology can easily (and often unknowingly) lead us to eat in ways that are unhealthy. An understanding of this process will allow individuals to avoid unhealthy eating patterns and to make more sensible food choices.
Raising Children to Eat Right
A valuable lecture for parents, teachers, and kids that helps us understand the nature of unhealthy eating among children. Despite coaxing and education, many kids still prefer to eat unhealthy food. This lecture explains the dangers of obesity in youth into adulthood, and explores some of the common psychological and nutritional mistakes that parents make raising their children that can inadvertently promote unhealthy eating, and offers solutions on how to fix them. This lecture can also be modified and targeted toward children/teens.