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High Performance Brains
In this program learn how to develop a high performance brain and the 7 steps to creating a BrainSmart life.
Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
Do you want to feel more fit, energized, and mentally sharp? A healthy brain is the key to staying vibrant and alive for a long time, and an unhealthy brain will take your life early. Over the last 20 years at the Amen Clinics, Dr. Amen has performed more than 70,000 brain scans on patients from 90 different countries. The brain imaging work he does has taught him that our brains typically become less active with age and we become more vulnerable to memory problems and depression. Yet, one of the most exciting lessons he has learned is that with a little forethought and a brain smart plan, you can slow or even reverse the aging process in the brain.
The Brain in Leadership
In this fun, insightful presentation, Dr. Amen shows how understanding and optimizing the brain is the missing link to creating more effective leaders. From a science-based perspective, Dr. Amen will illustrate the common traits of effective leaders and link them to specific brain functions. If you’re a leader in any setting, you’ll benefit from this revealing look at what works and what doesn’t work for leadership success. Your brain affects everything you do, including the way you lead. You’ll discover that building a better brain builds a more effective leader.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body
Learn how to use your brain to get and keep the body you’ve always wanted. Dr. Amen will give you 10 very simple “brain-based” steps that will help you live longer, look younger, be thinner, and decrease your risk for depression, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.
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