Lectures & Speaking Topics

The Three R's: Writing, Research, and Revision
Many people want to write a book but don't know how to start . . . or finish. This presentation offers an introduction to the three important elements of writing, research, and revision.
Moon Over Manifest: The Story Behind the Story
A PowerPoint presentation showing how family photographs, newspaper articles, historical research, and a lot of daydreaming played a part in the writing of Moon Over Manifest.
Where Craft and Creativity Meet: Breathing Life into the Bones of a Story
A good story involves blending craft and creativity, technique and imagination. This presentation focuses on the importance of both and how to blend them together to create a compelling and interesting story.
Writing from Memory: How Recollection Informs and Nourishes Writing.
Writers all draw from memory that includes observation, experience, and emotion. This presentation provides a look into how memory informs and nourishes writing.
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