Lectures & Speaking Topics

Sardine Theater—Little Actors Put On Little Plays (all ages, but especially children)
Chris will introduce himself to the audience with a drawing demo, followed by a dramatic presentation of a number of his books, such as Yo! Yes?; A Ball for Daisy; Five for a Little One; Canʼt Sleep; and Arlene Sardine. Interspersed throughout the lecture will be drawings from a current book he is working on, a drawing exercise with the audience, and an interactive reading of Charlie Parker Played Bebop. (45 minutes with Q&A)
Can I Show You My Portfolio?—My Career So Far (for students and adults)
Chris gives an overview of his work via a PowerPoint presentation that contains examples of childhood drawings and student work from college, early illustration work for a number of newspapers and magazines, images from the Image Bank (a worldwide commercial illustration agency), and his work in childrenʼs books from the last 23 years. (45–60 minutes)
How Did That Book Come About? (for students and adults)
Chris discusses the development of a particular book and gives an oral history of the book with drawing at an easel, followed by a DVD viewing that shows the book in its many forms as it moves from sketchbook to dummies to finished art. Books shown may include: A Ball for Daisy, Little Black Crow, The Hello Goodbye Window, Skin Again, or Mysterious Thelonious (45–60 minutes)