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Online and Real-Time RA Among Girls/Online and Real-Time RA for Women
RA is relational aggression, or the type of nonphysical bullying that nearly every woman will encounter at one time or another. This lecture presents strategies for both dealing with, and ultimately avoiding, bullies of all ages in the context of educational, organizational, or corporate settings.
The Relationship Bootcamp for Girls / The Relationship Bootcamp for Women
A creative combination of didactic and experimental activities help participants overcome bullying, social anxiety, and low self-esteem. This workshop can be tailored to accommodate specific audiences such as nurses, adjudicated teens, and others.
Press On: How Women Succeed In and Out of the Boardroom
While women are being encouraged to “lean in,” the notion of “pressing on” is more action-oriented and uses a variety of resources that help women identify and achieve their passion—on the job and at home.
Spite in White: Nurses and Relational Aggression
Is the caring profession really caustic and cruel? This presentation looks at how nurses help and hurt each other and suggests strategies to overcome a toxic nursing environment.
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