Lectures & Speaking Topics

Power of Habit
In this keynote lecture, Charles Duhigg begins by exploring the science of habit formation, illustrating why we do what we do and how we can change it. Duhigg explains why the most powerful habits have emotional cores, and how tweaking even one habit can have staggering effects. Duhigg draws from a number of current case studies, customizing them to his specific audience.
Big Data
Charles Duhigg discovered that Target, using Big Data, built a predictive model so precise it could tell when shoppers were pregnant—sometimes even before their parents knew. Increasingly, algorithms and data drive business decisions. At the heart of these models is a basic question: Why do customers habitually return to certain products and services? And how can companies influence those choices? Duhigg delivers riveting insights into how companies predict and control habits, and ultimately know what customers want before they themselves do.
Willpower as Key to Future Success
Drawing from the example of Starbucks’s staff training, Duhigg delivers a powerful and entertaining example of how companies are teaching their employees willpower and inspiring them to succeed. Knowing how to instill willpower is essential not only for companies, but also for parents and schools—and research shows that kids with self-regulatory skills have an advantage throughout their lives.