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Saving My Writing Life
After thirty-five years as a writer of hundreds of magazine articles, ten books, and a television series, Brad Matsen quit and joined the Peace Corps. He was fifty-five years old and the joy of writing had left him. Matsen's account of the loss and restoration of his craft is the story of a man who makes a mortal leap and nails the landing.
A Dreadful Journey into the World's Deadliest Oil Rig Disaster
When Piper Alpha exploded on the North Sea in 1988, one hundred sixty-five men died in less than an hour. Brad Matsen had to interview survivors and the families of the dead, asking them to recall the worst moments of their lives. His experience is a glimpse into the most difficult kind of story-telling, shared with an intimacy rarely encountered on the lecture stage.
The Secret Life of Jacques Cousteau
During his research for the first complete biography of the legendary French filmmaker, underwater pioneer, and environmental celebrity, Brad Matsen learned that the last ten years of Cousteau's life were shrouded in secrecy. Cousteau had been one of the most beloved people in the world when he disappeared from view. He left his family in chaos when he died. What happened during those missing years?
The Man Who Built Titanic and the Lies He Told the World
A hundred years after Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in less than three hours killing fifteen hundred people, one vital question remained unanswered: Why did the ship sink so quickly? Brad Matsen's investigation brought him to a startling, controversial conclusion that incriminates the shipyard that built Titanic and the powerful men who owned it.
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