Lectures & Speaking Topics

The Truth About Global Warming
Lomborg will demonstrate how we're often told very one-sided and exaggerated claims about the environment and climate change, leading to unwarranted panic, instead of rationally assessing where and how we can do the most good. He argues that we need smarter solutions focused on getting long-term solutions like cost-competitive renewables and that many of the impacts of global warming would be better addressed through adaptation.
How to Make Your Efforts Count: Feeling Good vs. Doing Good
Lomborg will energize participants with a controversial and stimulating session on how to prioritize the world's greatest problems -- global warming, world poverty, disease -- based on how effective our solutions might be. It's a thought-provoking and provocative list. The premise is that we can't solve every problem in the world, so we must ask, which ones should we fix first?

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